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 Contact an Old Friend Spell

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Contact an Old Friend Spell Empty
PostSubject: Contact an Old Friend Spell   Contact an Old Friend Spell EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 12:52 pm

I didn't write this spell and I don't guarantee the effectiveness of any spell. All glory goes to the Author whoever he/she is. Also just try Facebook or Myspace first. It's a lot easier.

You will need:
1 white candle
Sandalwood oil and incense
photograph of person you wish to contact (if you have no photo then write their name on a piece of paper)
a cup or glass of water
some sea salt
some oil for candle

Cast a circle like you usually do. Light the incense and anoint candle with oil. Place the photo on your altar (or paper with name on it). Take a handful of the Sea Salt in your right hand and let it trickle through your fingers into the water.
While it falls repeat the words "contact me" and concentrate on your friend contacting you. Place the salt water on your altar and leave the candle to burn out.

Your friend should contact you before the water evaporates.

Final note: stay around the candle to make sure it burns out and keep it in a safe place to make sure nothing catches fire. As always be careful with fire,it burns things!
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Contact an Old Friend Spell
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