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 Karmic Spell of Retribution

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Karmic Spell of Retribution Empty
PostSubject: Karmic Spell of Retribution   Karmic Spell of Retribution EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 8:58 pm

Note: I didn't write this so all credit goes to author and I cannot guarantee its effectiveness. Any out come or karma arising from this is not my responsibility. You do these kinds of spells at your own risk. Be responsible witches you know the rules. Observe the law of three

Stand before a lit candle,in a circle and say: [god/goddess] I ask thee hear my petition and to cast your judgement on this dreadful condition.
There's no wrongdoing for me to repent for. I am truly innocent.
So,let it begin by thy [god/goddess] decree,I invoke the law of three
Evil reaped for evil sown three times three, they shall atone.
By the sun and the moon and the Earth and the Sea
Justice will be done
So mote it be."

Final note: make sure you are truly innocent and think about the law of three.
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Karmic Spell of Retribution
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