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 For peace in the home

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For peace in the home Empty
PostSubject: For peace in the home   For peace in the home EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 10:19 pm

All credit goes to the author and I do not guarantee this spell's effectiveness

You will need a blue candle
Do this spell on a Thursday.

Light the candle and repeat this 3x's while it burns:
"Happiness now burns in this house
and peace and love abound
for all who enter here
Green pastures always found
This is our home,our place of peace
our place of quiet and calm
all hurts have been healed once we enter here
our fear is long since gone."

blow out candle

*please be careful with all candles and don't leave them unattended and make sure it is completely out when finished before leaving it.*
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For peace in the home
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