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 The Mangal Dosha

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The Mangal Dosha Empty
PostSubject: The Mangal Dosha   The Mangal Dosha EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 8:19 am

The Mangal Dosha MangalDosha

Mangal Dosha is a generic astrological term for Malefic ( Bad ) planets placed in certain positions as well as combinations which hamper the married as well as romantic life of a person. Mangal Dosha also contributes to a persons personality and usually makes a person with such affliction in their birth chart , not very adjusting in life and with some character defect which usually causes adversities between partners.

The planets involved are MARS ( At the head of the list called Mangal in Hindi ,the common language of India,hence named after him ), SATURN, RAHU ( Dragon’s Head) and KETU ( Dragon’s name ). These planets when they effect any of the following areas : Family, Happiness, Longevity of spouse, Fulfillment in sexual matters they are generically put up as Manglik Dosha.

The effects of this dosha vary as follows :

Dissatisfaction in married life, Inability to find a person suitable for marriage, Incompatible sexual preference, Inadequate longevity of spouse, low adjustment potential, lack of satisfaction with own spouse and hence looking for other avenues,frequent quarrels and fights in domestic life, Delay in marriage are a few of the effects of this dosha.

A word of caution through, just having Manglik dosha will not give all these bad effects and even the intensity will differ from person to person. So we would advise that such judgement is left to the experts and you do not fall prey to any conclusions.
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The Mangal Dosha
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