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 'Magic'(33) is derived from 'Magi'(30)

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Brad Watson, Miami

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'Magic'(33) is derived from 'Magi'(30) Empty
PostSubject: 'Magic'(33) is derived from 'Magi'(30)   'Magic'(33) is derived from 'Magi'(30) EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 2:20 pm

I AM new here and it appears to be a new forum. "Magickal Cat Occult Forum" is a name that will attract some with particular beliefs and will not interest others with different beliefs. Generally speaking, Christians will often associate 'occult' and 'magic' with Paganism and non-Christian beliefs, perhaps even Satanism. Yet, it was the Magi - the Persian astonomers/astrologers - who understood and followed the signs in the heavens74* to meet the Judeans'74 new born king: Y'shua74 bar Yosef (Jesus74). They would have also recognized that the Jewish74 Messiah74 was born on 17/4/747 of the Roman Calendar (April 17, 6 BC) and the significance of the 7_4 combination/code. The word 'Magi' = 30 as does Bible. The word 'magic' = 33 and is derived from 'Magi'. The astrology that the Magi practiced was based on their understanding of science and was a form of magic.

Fundamentalist Christians are often fast to avoid astrology, yet are quick to use the story of the Magi's appearance at the birth of Jesus as confirmation that he was the king74 of kings. Not only did the Persian wisemen practice astrology, but the Dead Sea Scrolls confirm that the Hebrews while in captivity in Babylon, learned and practiced it too. The Essenes or Jewish wise men/mystics practiced astrology. The Book of Genesis refers to using the Sun, Moon, and stars for "signs". Fundamentalist Christians are fast to refer to Jesus as the "Lamb of God", yet are slow to acknowledge that Jesus beng born on April 17 makes him an Aires the Ram and baby rams are lambs. What important symbolism and it wasn't lost on the Magi!

Magi = 30 (M13+A1+G7+I9) and Bible = 30 (B2+I9+B2+L12+E5). Is that a 'coincidence'? Magic = 33 and most Christians believe that Jesus was crucified when he was 33-years-old. (He was actually 34 since he was crucified on Friday 7/4/782 AUC or April 7, 30 AD). Gematria is a Greek46 word and it is magical46! You cast a spell when you spell.

*Simple74 English74 Gematria74

- Brad Watson, Miami
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'Magic'(33) is derived from 'Magi'(30)
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