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 Kaballa(7,40) is the correct spelling

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Brad Watson, Miami

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PostSubject: Kaballa(7,40) is the correct spelling   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:35 pm

Jewish mysticism is called and spelled: Kaballah, Qabalah, Caballa, and many other variations. Usually the spelling of it is associated with the rabbi who is teaching that particular verson of it. I teach a Jewish-Christian-Muslim and scientific Kaballa.

The ancient Hebrews practiced an alphanumeric code called gematria. The ancient Greeks practiced isopsephy and the ancient Arabs practiced hisab al-jummal. In Simple English Gematria, Step 1 is simply counting the letters of a name/word/phrase and it having symbolic meaning, i.e. God(3) and the Holy Trinity, Liberty7 Bell4 and July 4 (7/4), and E Pluribus Unum(13) and the 13 original colonies/states. Step 2 is the alphanumeric sum of a name/word/phrase and its natural connection to others, i.e. Simple74, English74, Gematria74, connect74, between74 (using the key of A=1...Z=26). Therefore, 'Kaballa' has 7 letters and equals 40 (K11+A1+B2+A1+L12+L12+A1). 7 & 40 are the most sacred numbers to Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. The Bible uses the sacred number 7 all over the place! It occurs 58x in the last book: The Revelation. The sacred number 40 is also a recurring theme in the Bible beginning in Genesis 7:4. Moses does the #40 7 x. Therefore, 'Kaballa'(7,40) is a better gematric spelling than any other version.

- Brad Watson, Miami
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Kaballa(7,40) is the correct spelling
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