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 Y'shua bar Yosef was Jesus' historically accurate name (Y'shua[74], Jesus[74])

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Brad Watson, Miami

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PostSubject: Y'shua bar Yosef was Jesus' historically accurate name (Y'shua[74], Jesus[74])   Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:15 pm

Of course, "Jesus Christ" was not the Messiah's real name. Everyone knew that, right?! His name in Aramaic/Hebrew would be best translated to English as Y'shua bar Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph). In Greek it's translated to Joshua or Iesous. In Latin it was IESVS.

The Gospel according to St. John tells us that on the Cross were the names Y'shua, Joshua/Iesous, and IESVS. Now consider that using the most basic alphanumeric code or Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) with the key(74) of A=1 - Z=26, we have...

Jesus = 74 = J10+E5+S19+U21+S19
Y'shua = 74 = Y25+S19+H8+U21+A1
Joshua = 74 = J10+O15+S19+H8+U21+A1
Iesous = 73/88 I9+E5+S19+O(15)+U21+S19
IESVS = 74 = I9++E5+S19+V22+S19

Jewish/Judeans = 74
Messiah = 74
Cross = 74
Gospel = 74
according = 74
to St. = 74

The King = 74
Son God = 74
John = 47
Mariamne (Mary57 Magdalen57) = 74
Yakov (Jacob/Israel/James brother of Jesus) = 74
donkey/burro = 74
parables = 74
preacher = 74
pastor = 74

menorah = 74

Lucifer ("Light bearer", Morning Star/Evening Star, Planet Venus) = 74

Practicing Jews write 'G-d' because it's disrespectful to put God on paper or digital record. And if 'God' is written, then that paper/digital record is now considered sacred. The hidden (occult[74]) reason is G-d=7_4. 7/4=July 4th or 7 April which in 30 A.D. was a Friday and the first full-day of Passover. 7/4/782 Roman Calendar (April 7, 30 AD) was the day that Jesus was crucified. He was born on 17/4/747 AUC or April 17, 6 BC.

- Brad Watson, Miami

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Y'shua bar Yosef was Jesus' historically accurate name (Y'shua[74], Jesus[74])
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