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 Protective chant to Hecate

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Protective chant to Hecate Empty
PostSubject: Protective chant to Hecate   Protective chant to Hecate EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 9:12 pm

All credit goes to the author and I cannot guarantee this spell's effectiveness.

Say: " Wise Hecate,bless me please
and all that does belong to me.
Bless my work and my endeavors
Protect and keep me safe forever
From every hex and negative thought,
From every place that harm is wrought,
From every evil that's allowed
Protect me wise one,guard me now.
Help me walk in harmony
with every stone and bird and tree,
with every creature on this Earth.
Let me live in joy and mirth
That I always be their friend
and gain their protection 'til this life ends.
Oh,wise Hecate,watch over me
until my soul at last,is freed"
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Protective chant to Hecate
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