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 We appreciate feedback

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Join date : 2011-10-19

PostSubject: Re: We appreciate feedback   Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:06 pm

JHaskl wrote:
Don't hack the forum.....there are other people on there that aren't RP'ers and are being taught by those who aren't....Seriously. It affects other people.
I don't like emma but they don't need to be affected by this...

Look I'm tired of this, I'll ignore you Emma, Frater or whatever and you ignore me yeah?
I just want to forget the whole thing, and replacing your posts with flowers don't disguise the truth to make me look bad...

But seriouisly don't hack the forum

M\'kay You.
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Posts : 11
Join date : 2011-10-19

PostSubject: Re: We appreciate feedback   Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:08 pm

Vampira wrote:
Well, well, well now lookey here, Lady D has risen from her grave LOL!!! Just was alerted to this thread in by some former lackey of yours and you ain't changed at all Lady D/Mrs Peel/spector whatever! Hey you suck and you are freaking mentally done in ain't you and you have no special powers. All your hallmarks of threatening people with lawsuits and astral attacks show you up to exactly what you are and anyway, guess what I am seeing you special in Estoric Magick forum and that other forum of yours Occult forum. All ready a member, but your posts are comedy gold!! Anyway, I pmed the lackey of yours last night and got the whole story and anyway you hacking that forum is just your style LOL!!! Anyway the lackey is in some other forum with a proper and real person who is charging for his lessons, but the difference is that he is genuine, and you definately are not.
Anyway, you should go out more Lady D.

well now you are Lady D Quartz angeress and Lady Magickina what idiots are you trying to fool?
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You hag

PostSubject: Re: We appreciate feedback   Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:24 pm

Well you show your true colors then, I was already disgusted by you, but that just made it worse...

"jackal everyone hates you at EM and are basically making fun of you and laughing at you"

Really? thats not what I hear. Because I'm still in contact with half the members that I know aren't RP'ers...A lot of them aren't happy with you. In fact, there are only two (not including the admins) that I'm not in contact with. So you pretty much screwed yourself there didn't you. And people have always mocked me, doesn't make a difference as if they are I know its because your a manipulative old hag who has nothing better to do than try and hurt people. You always rubbed me wrong, I should of followed my gut.

Nothing will happen with the enochians. But I imagine something will happen to you now...You mock daoisim, but here's a quote for you...

‎"If you do me a favor, I will return a greater favor to you, but if you hurt me, I will not offer the other cheek. If you insult me, I will punch you; if you punch me, I will break your arm; if you break my arm, I will break your leg; and if you break my leg, I will put you in a coffin." - Ancient Taoist principle of reciprocity...

I'm not going to boast of what is going to happen to your back because something might be lodged in there....You don't insult someones faith, you sure as hell don't insult my gods and get away with it...

Now unlike you I have purity to maintain because I have a ritual coming up and I'm not an RP'e

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PostSubject: Re: We appreciate feedback   

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We appreciate feedback
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